The Only True Elohim (god)

Did you know that according to a Google search there are over 34,000 different Christian denominations in the world today? Each one of them believes they have truth and that the other 33,999 are wrong. In those 34,000 different denominations there are a variety of beliefs as to just who the Almighty is. Is He a "3-in-1" god known as a "trinity"? Or, possibly a "2-in-1" god consisting of the Father and Son. Or, a popular belief that seems to be spreading today is what is called the "oneness" doctrine which, although it is described by various names, claims that the Father left heaven and became the Son. They maintain that there's only one god which changes 'forms' through out time. The Father left heaven and came to earth as the Son. Thus the Father now took on the form of the Son. In other words, the Father 'left heaven' and became the Son. There are some groups that go as far as to say that when the Son died, He then took on the form of the Holy Spirit. As bizzare as all of that sounds people believing this teaching proudly proclaim that they believe in "one god" not a 3 in 1 god as most of Christianity belives in. 

Could the Heavenly Father, Yahuweh, be the ONLY TRUE ELOHIM (god) as the Messiah tells us that He is in John 17:3?

You will find the truth about just who the ONLY TRUE ELOHIM (God) is in the articles and videos listed below.

The "Only True Elohim (G-d) of the Bible

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What did the Savior mean when he said that he and the Father "are one"? Was he claiming to be part of a Triune god but making that statement? Of couorse not. If he was then he left out the "3rd person" of the triune god when he said that "He and the Father are One". How is the Messiah one with teh Father? Read the article "I and the Father are one" John 10:30" for the answer. 

The Messiah, Yahoshua, in defending himself against the charge of blasphemy by claiming that he was making himself out to be Elohim (G-d) asked the religious leaders of his time "is it not written in your Law that 'I said you are elohim (g-ds)?', if He, that is the Father, called them elohim (g-ds) to whom the Word of Elohim came, then why do you say that I'm blaspheming by saying that I'm the Son of Elohim (G-d)?" Yahoshua was directing the religious leaders of his day back to  Psalm 82, where the Father, Yahuweh, called the judges of Israel 'elohim' or as it would be written in your translation "gods".  It may come as a surprise to many in Christianity today that there are many in the Bible that are referred to, or called "elohim" or as the translations say "gods", such as the angels, the judges of Israel, Moses, Samuel the prophet and so on.  read the article "I said you are gods" John 10:30 for a full explanation of just who and why these individuals are referred to as 'elohim' (g-ds) by the Heavenly Father Himself.

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